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VendRx gives healthcare providers visibility into a patients' prescription pick-up and adherence without adding any labor, helping them do their jobs better.

Clinics where physicians choose to dispense medications in their offices using VendRx can make $8,000 to $10,000 additional monthly revenue without adding labor, hassle or liability.


VendRx partners with both traditional retail and specialty pharmacies to expand their services to their patients. Our kiosk solution allows them to extend their hours so patients have the option to pick up their prescriptions after hours - a convenience they wouldn't otherwise have. And, this is all done without the expense of hiring additional staff.

  • Expand Your Footprint
  • Extend Hours of Operation Without Staff
  • Reduce Wait Times
  • Create Convenient Pick Up Options

Prescriptions adherence rates facilitated by VendRx have been measured at 92%. That's about a 37% improvement.

"Love my VendRx machine – was able to get my Rx on the spot!"

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