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Product Development

Fully automated standalone dispensing machine; prescription checkout kiosk; standalone dispensing/point of sale software; patient portal; ability to forward prescription via fax; ability to automate direct mailing of medication from physician clinic; workflow integration with pharmacy management system for placement of 'remote pharmacy' in a hospital.

Customer Acceptance

Physician Market 
 - 10 fully-automated systems sold in 5 states (CA, CO, TN, TX, FL)
 - 4 systems are re-orders - validation of value & ROI offering
 - 20k+ prescriptions filled through our system; Zero dispense errors

Pharmacy Market
- Commitments for the implementations of automated systems within the hospitals of key strategic, marquee partners including Stanford Health Care & Comprehensive Pharmacy Services.

4 Patents

#1 & #2: Utility patents associated with legal right to dispense in a clinic - triangulate temporal, location & known personal information

#3: Secure loading process: system loading without access to inventory

#4: Unique storage: allows precise loading & storage with 2 points of contact - simplicity & flexibility benefits

Social Proof

Provider Example
 - 40% of our system sales have been reorders, which demonstrates extraordinary value to customer
 - Word-of-mouth socialization from highly satisfied customers has resulted in scalable partnerships

Investor Example
 - An investment from the founder of InnovateMD resulted in a distribution relationship with a prominent medical association


     Medical Suppliers
     Healthcare Organizations & Physician Networks

     Prescription Coupon Provider


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