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better outcomes through smarter delivery

The fulfillment experience has been fractured and exacerbated by market newcomers like Amazon and costly efforts such as 2-hour delivery services and yet:

35% of new prescriptions go unfilled

An estimated 100 million lack good access to pharmacies

50% of providers advise their patients to price shop

66% of adults in the United States use prescription drugs

The impact is approximately a $500B industry problem, and VendRx's solutions  are designed to bring those numbers down by allowing dispensing at the point of convenience - wherever and whenever the patient wants it!


The only system that allows prescribers to access wholesale pharmacy pricing to legally dispense with minimal workflow changes.

Safe, Secure Efficient Operations

With full supply chain visibility from order to dispense, VendRx manages the prescription medication inventory for increased security, less hassle, minimal set-up and no additional office labor is needed.

Growth Opportunities

VendRx's solutions expands your patient base because of new, improved services. This increases patient satisfaction, generates referrals for new patient business, creating new revenue streams.

Improved patient experience & health

VendRx manages patient adherence & provides actionable information to improve outcomes. Patients can self-checkout immediately after seeing the doctor or have medication sent to a convenient, cost-effective alternative. 

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By harnessing automation & convergent data routing technology to enable convenient, simple, on-demand prescription medication dispensing 24/7:

We help to ensure your operation is secure, safe and efficient.

We provide growth opportunities for your organization.

We help to manage patient adherence, improve productivity and patient outcomes.

"I can get my prescription in 2 minutes where and when I want it."

Start dispensing today!

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