FAQs for Pharmacies

Where can I place the unit?

Wherever you need it – in an underserved area, a hospital lobby for outpatients, a physician office, or in your own lobby to streamline daytime hours, and offer after hours access.

What about the pharmacist?

 The pharmacist can manage the process remotely as needed, including all DUR and consultation requirements.

How many items does it hold?

Our proprietary technology allows for 500 different items to be managed in 500 total slots. You customize your needs and replenish as frequently as needed and can adjust in real time "on the fly."

What about insurance?

The PMS manages all facets of the transaction in the same manner as is done normally.

Who supplies the inventory?

Pre-packaged items can be supplied from any source provided the label is configured correctly.

How large is the dispensing system?

About the size of a large soda dispensing machine.

By whom and how is the system replenished?

Generally state law requires a pharmacy tech to manage refilling. However, our proprietary solution allows for a simple and secure process with controlled loading and no access to stored items.

How much does the system cost?

Monthly fees are less than half of what you pay for added labor.

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