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Company Setup


System Feature Settings

eRx Forwarding
Allows for VendRx to auto fax or 'forward' an e-prescription received from an EMR (action button option, must have fax number of pharmacy available)
Receive All eRx
Allows the site to receive all e-prescriptions, regardless of whether there is inventory on hand (only used if other forwarding methods selected or managed manually)
Patient Rx SMS
Will send patients a text reminder of any pending prescriptions between 9AM and 10AM daily, including refills when the refill window starts
Allow Refills
Turns on the refill capability to manage refills just like a pharmacy
Auto Pre-Order
Automatically updates pre-order shopping cart at midnight
Allow Remote Pay
Allows for text link to be sent with remote pay function for any pending order if there is a text number sent with the e-prescription
Payment Provider
normally unless specified. If other, will provide specific instructions.
For identification of site, tied to SureScipts destination
Network label printer setup for staff dispensing
Mailing label/shipping charge option. Choose 1 of the following:
Where per group or per item shipping is selected, the $ amount. For example, $1 for each item shipped, or $3 for all items shipped.
Patient Remote Payments
Allows patients to receive a text or email link to pay via their phone or computer (“Pay Link” on action menu)
For Auto PDMP management
Should be the DEA of the primary representative for the site
should be type 2 for the site
PDMP Reporting
Will send reports automatically if YES

User Setup (must be identified for each user)

only used for direct text messages based on setup
Required for providers
Required for providers if dispensing controlled substances
Required for providers
Will be printed on label for prescribe
If user has access to multiple sites
One capital, 8 digits
Add inventory
Allows the user to add inventory into the system
Allows the user to process the checkout from the cart screen after shopping and includes the shopping screen
Daily aging
Sends user a daily email of aging prescriptions
Formulary editor
Allows the user to add and edit formulary items, to include setting pricing. Other users have read only access
Allows the user to process payments of all types
Determines whether the user can write a prescription
Remove Inventory
Allows the user to remove inventory
Allows access to the reports, some of which contain PHI
Scribe role, ability to write prescriptions in the system on behalf of providers
Allows user to adjust an item price when dispensing
Sends a text notification to the personal phone number with a reason description at the time an EMR e-prescription is rejected
Allows user to 'shop' for items and add to the cart only
Allows the user to access site administration functions